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Local Chinook fishery - Shut down again April 1 - July 31

After a phenomenal winter Chinook fishery in our local waters that started in October and didn't slow down even up to March 31st, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has implemented for the 3rd straight year a Chinook fishing closure in our local waters until at least July 15th or July 31st depending on what side of the pond you are fishing. On a positive note, August 1st opening is better than the two previous years' September 1st openings for fish management areas 28 and 29. I could ex-pound on the Science and evidence based marked selective fishery (hatchery salmon with the adipose fin clipped) which continues to fall on deaf ears at he upper management levels above DFO: Justin Trudeau, Joyce Murray (Fisheries Minister) and Rebecca Reid (DFO regional director). Under a DFO sponsored program, I am licensed to catch and release Chinook after obtaining a DNA sample, fishing guests can still enjoy getting out on the water, set prawn and crab traps and then fish for science. As of May 1st, lingcod and bottom fishing is open and can be targeted on the Vancouver Island side of the Salish Sea. July 15th, Chinook retention opens on that side as well. Come August, we are hoping for a Sockeye salmon opening

as every 4 years there is a large return expected. But no one can predict any science based decisions from the previous forementioned politicians and bureaucrats. Come out and get a bucket of succulent spot prawns and dungeness crabs which will definitely quench your seafood cravings for the time being as were only 3 weeks away from targeting some tasty lingcod. Let's go fishing!


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