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Fishing is nothing short of fabulous!

Well the long awaited Department of Fisheries and Oceans announcement whether we can retain Chinook Salmon is out effective August 1st. We can finally retain a local Chinook up to 80 CM in very limited waters around Vancouver, however we can retain one Chinook salmon up to 80 cm since July 15th across the pond on the Nanaimo side or north of Gower Point at Gibsons towards Sechelt. Hooking up for Chinook across the way has been very consistent. Glow type hootchies and flashers are a must as we are down 200 -250' on the downriggers using 18lb cannon balls. We are just 3 weeks away from opening up the North Arm to South Arm of the Fraser River which is prime time Chinook fishing in Vancouver. The Pink Salmon fishery is in full swing and filling guests' coolers on every outing. The Pinks have been found anywhere on the south side of Bowen Island and depths of 45'-85' have been very productive. Gear used is the same as Sockeye fishing - pink hootchies on a 18"-24" leader. We have also done very well on the prawning scene as a great added bonus to a fishing adventure. "Let's Go Fishing"


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