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September Fishery is here!

Well the long awaited Chinook fishery that has been closed from April 1 - August 31 in our local waters is here and hasn't disappointed. Waves of these large Fraser River bound salmon are

here and arriving daily. Thankfully, we have had no rain so the fish are slow to actually go up the Fraser. With the exception of a couple of days where both the resident and transient Killer Whales have migrated through making the Chinooks very scarce, hooking up with these hard running brutes has been very good. Places that are normally targeted is the North Arm of the Fraser from Iona Jetty and north to the Bell Buoy, T-10 and of course the very popular Sandheads or South Arm of the Fraser. All 3 areas have had great reports of multiple fish a day per boat with several hook ups and misses which is all part of fishing. We even been hampered by the ravenous seals and sea lions picking off easy meals after we have done all the hard work by getting the salmon almost to the boat. It's actually exciting to see a large mammal take your salmon and make long runs away and have a tug-a-war for several minutes, but once is enough. The salmon have been found at all depths from 35 feet down to over 100. Anchovy and herring with glow or multi-colored chrome style teaser heads matched with glow flashers have been very successful as well they have been out performing the hardware and hootchies rigs. Tides do play a role in this fishery as you will get more chances on the flood tide and high slack. There are many many boats out there and be courteous when others around you are playing fish and to pull up your downriggers if their fish is running at your boat. Remember to stay out of the shipping lanes when large freighters and tugs towing barges are entering or exiting the river systems. We have witnessed some very dangerous moments out there thus making it necessary for the Harbor Patrol to police the area and warn boaters of their errant ways of playing chicken with these ocean going vessels. There has also been some encouraging reports from fellow guides that returning salmon are starting to show at Capilano River. Within a week, this 3 week bonanza fishery will also be the place to target large Chinooks. So when the weather turns or winds kick up, head over to the West Vancouver waterfront. Drop your cannonsball just off the bottom for best success. New Port Authority regulations are in effect for boating safety and large vessel right of way. Do not troll past the green marker on Ambleside and troll in a counter clockwise direction meaning when heading east take the outside deep water tack and turn into shore and troll west. Have fun, be safe and good luck. "Lets Go Fishing!"


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