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It's almost time for some Chinook action

Well there hasn't been much to report since our esteemed Department of Fisheries & Oceans closed down Chinook fishing (yes not even allowed to go out and catch and release) from April 1 to September 1 in our local Vancouver accessible waters. That being said, across the pond to the Gulf Islands you can fish for and retain one Chinook per day with a slot limit of 62cm -80cm. We have been out local coho fishing and retaining up to 2 hatchery coho per license per day. Coho fishing like any kind of fishing is hit and miss but when you find them, it's exhilara

ting as they are scrappy surface fighters. Lately we have found pockets of coho way offshore in 500-700' ocean depths but running the gear between 25 and 65 feet. We also managed to hook into some Chinook at these depths as well. White hootchies and larger 5" spoons have been working. Come September 1, we will be fishing in front of the North Arm, T-10 and South Arm of Fraser River targeting large returning Chinooks. Past fishing logs indicate hootchies, spoons, anchovies and herring so basically experiment with your gear running 25' down to 100' plus. Good luck out there and "Let's Go Fishing"

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