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Finally, Chinook are open on our side

Well it's been a week now since a Chinook fishery on our side of the Georgia Strait/Salish Sea in areas 28 and 29. It's been a bit of struggle to find the Chinooks off the North, Middle and South Arm of the Fraser River. We've had huge tide swings and the Orcas on a daily basis since September 1st. Having said that, putting in the

time, adjusting depths and gear and above all, luck will put you onto some nice Chinook salmon. There is still an abundance of Pink Salmon and it seems like there's more coming as the ones recently hooked were bright chromers. Bait is usually the go to rigs of choice using chrome heads such as the tiger prawn, green/gold, black/red, green/red have worked well and also any glow green combo color. For hardware, I found that glow combo colored spoons from 3" to 5" have managed to hook fish. Pink hootchies that work for pinks and sockeyes (release only) have also worked on Chinooks. As for depths, anywhere between 35' down to over 100', so again, work the different gear and depths. This fishery will last well into October and if the wind has picked up, try off West Vancouver from Point Atkinson to Ambleside. The Capilano hatchery Chinook is also a great fishery. "Let's Go Fishing"


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