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Wow that was a quick summer and now fall fishing!

That was one quick successful summer of fishing Chinook Salmon in area 29 off the North, Middle and South Arms of the Fraser River. Now we are getting into the fall weather of stronger winds and more rain. The next waves of Chinook Salmon are the Harrison and Chilliwack "whites" mixed amongst more coho and then followed by waves of Chum salmon. You can also venture over to the West Vancouver shoreline for the Capilano River fishery. The Chinooks are right on schedule and these brutes can take long knuckle busting runs as they are caught in shallower water and can only run out versus down when hooked. Best lures for this fishery is bait and fished right off the bottom. When fishing the Capilano area, remember the right rod to shore rule. All fisherman should be going around the "track" in a counter clockwise direction and take note of the new marker and designated fishing areas. Good luck, tight lines and "LET'S GO FISHING!"

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