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Best Chinook Fishing in Decades

The Vancouver accessible fishing waters from the upper reaches of Howe Sound to the Vancouver Harbour and the Salish Sea from Gulf Islands all the way down to the the International Border has been closed to wild and hatchery Chinook Salmon retention from April 17 to August 1st. During this period we have been releasing numerous Chinook and retaining only hatchery coho. As of August 1st, we can retain one chinook and the limit is increased to 2 chinook per day per angler on September 1st. The Chinook fishing has gone from good to great to unbelievable in a matter of weeks. Just when we thought it could not get any better, the next day we are absolutely shocked at the numbers of Chinook salmon in our waters. Limits for the boat is being reached within the 1st hour to 2 and it's common to play 20 or more of these hard fighting, long knuckle busting running fish during an 8 hour charter. These beautiful Chinooks are averaging 15-20 lbs and some tipping the scales in the mid to upper 20's.

The fish have been located anywhere from 30 feet down to 100 feet but the most consistent depths have been 57 to 77 feet. Some days anchovies have been the ticket and other days hootchies and spoons have been more productive. Start with 3 or 4 rods and when you get a dialed in for the day, stick to 2 rods as there will be plenty of action. When reaching our limit of fish or stamina, there are pink salmon to target as well. Practice safe release techniques by not netting, but simply using your gaff or pliers to remove the hook from the salmon at the side of the boat. You can still get great photos/videos while the salmon is at the side of the boat. Let's Go Fishing!

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