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It's a wrap. Engine and gear maintenance time.

Well the 2018 Sockeye run did not disappoint as there were so many fish returning, we fished until the September 27th closure. Even after the closure, we were still marking many schools off the South Arm of the Fraser River. The Capilano returns of Chinook salmon was fast and short lived due to the heavy rains and high tides. A lot of the fish just went straight up the Capilano River towards the hatchery. That being said there will be some of these hatchery salmon for the taking for the patient grinders. Now is the time to think about engine and gear maintenance and prep for the winter fishery. The local Vancouver/Howe Sound waters over the past 2 winters has been outstanding for feeder Chinooks. Retying anchovy teaser head leaders (I prefer 30 lb flurocarbon) with new hooks and your favorite spoons with new leaders (I use Ande Pink 40 lb) and hooks as well. Reels need to be dismantled, cleaned, bearings inspected and replaced if necessary, regreased with a synthetic lube and the cork drags well oiled with Superlube or equivalent. Re-spool with new mono as required. On my single action reels, I run 250 yds of 30 lb backing, 150 yds of 80 lb braid and 50' of 30 lb mono. The mono is replaced as required which is at least

once a month. Check you downrigger steel cables for frays and if you use braid, cut offa foot or 2 and re-tie the knot which is usually the weakest link.

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