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Heading into summer with lots of "spring" salmon

Well the month of May didn't disappoint as the fishing continued to remain spectacular, although it did end with a bit of hit and miss during the past week. We have had a lot of Killer Whales sightings off the south end of Bowen Island and up in the Howe Sound regions so it's best to pick up the gear and try a different area. Just the other day, another guide boat and I were just setting our gear when 3 whale watching boats come racing up and stop within 100 meters of us. We didn't see any whale action and we also didn't get onto any fish for a long couple of hours before the first fish of the day hit. That being said we have great success using a variety of 3.5" - 5" spoons and hootchies in both glow and non-glow patterns. The water is really coloured up from the freshet flowing out of the Fraser River which has reached right across to Thrasher Rock. Good depths have been 80'-120' on the riggers and on those bright sunny days, go down deeper. Once you find a fish or two, mark your GPS and do laps in the area. Pay attention to your speed as you will need to adjust whether going with or against the tide flow. A question my guests always ask is how fast to troll. A good rule of thumb is keep the downrigger lines at about 45 degrees. We haven't been prawning since mid May as the commercial fleet is out in full force for their opening which usually ends by late June. The dungeness crabbing has been excellent however the commercial fishery begins mid June. Tight lines and remember that the new regulations for Chinook Salmon retention in our local waters is 1 per day with a minimum length of 62 cm.

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