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Spring is in the air and so are the Spring Salmon

Well we made it through the winter with the usual hit an and miss salmon fishery. We had some

glorious sun filled days on flat water as well as some wet and lumpy conditions hooking up numerous undersize fish but with persistence, we did manage some tasty winter chinook feeders for the dinner table. The prawning was really consistent and I expect it remain so until the commercial fishery commences mid May. This time of year, we are locating large schools of herring in mid-column water depths and the salmon are gorging on their prey. One salmon caught yesterday had three 6" herring in it's stomach as well as six 2" herring. It only stands to reason why this fish salmon was caught on a 6" herring in a teaser head at 100'. We have also been very successful using 3.5" spoons. One thing to note is that the water is coloring up due to algae bloom. Glow flashers and glow lures is the ticket The bell buoy has been the hot spot for the past 2 weeks hence 50 or so boats yesterday and many noted with bent rods and landing nets over the gunnels. Successful depths have been 80'-120'. Come mid-April for 3 weeks, 3 miles offshore of the south side of Bowen Island, an area called the "Hump" is place to be. Like clockwork, every year the early Fraser River chinook run seem to stop here. We have had success in previous years running spoons, hootchies and bait from 65' down as deep as 185'. Let's hope we don't get an abundance of the southwest winds we typically get in the spring. For our commitment and stewardship to conservation, please remember to measure your fish as there are many 2 year old chinooks that are 24 inches. The legal retention size is 24.5" so when it doubt, put it back. Many of the chinooks caught this time of year are hatchery marked salmon (missing adipose fin.) So please submit your heads at one of many local salmon head recovery depots. Good luck and good fishing.

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