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Vancouver Salmon Fishing - September 2017 Report

Well there's not much to say other than the Chinook and Coho fishery in local waters is on! The Harrison and Chilliwack white Chinooks have arrived right on schedule after most of the red Chinooks have made their way up the Fraser River. This next wave of fish are the large variety and can easily hit the tyee class. We are fishing Sandheads, T-10 and North Arm for these brutes. Anchovies and Herring in chartreuse, green glow, UV or black/white teaser heads matched with green or chartreuse colored flashers. But don't be afraid to experiment with a hootchie or spoon in your mix. The most productive depths have been 36' down to 71'. The extended summer sunny weather has helped because the fish are staging versus making a beeline right up the river when they get a scent of freshwater from the rain. The other targeted area is the Capilano River run of returning Chinook and Coho salmon. This area is very popular as you are often out of the wind and tends to resemble fishing in a Costco parking lot. We run only 1 rod off each downrigger as the fish tend to hold right on the bottom. The fishing depths range from 50' down to 110' as you bump your cannonballs just off the bottom. Again, anchovy and herring is the bait of choice. Let's Go Fishing!

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