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End of June Vancouver Fishing Report

Well our summer has arrived and with the sun and warmth, the NW winds have been hampering our fishing opportunities. Getting across the Strait to Porlier Pass, Thrasher Rock or Entrance Island is either very lumpy and not for the weak of stomach or just not worth the effort. It may be only 17 miles but it'll feel like you are in an episode of the Deadliest Catch. Fishing in calmer waters means heading for into Horseshoe Bay or other protected Howe Sound areas. Fishing the Howe Sound is a tad early as the Cheakamus and Squamish River chinooks don't show up till 1st week in July, but you never know if there is still a lingering winter

feeder chinook around. We have been fishing close to the south end of Bowen Island between Roger Curtis and Cowan Points. Grinding it out there usually pays off in a salmon or two. A variety of Gibbs Delta spoons in the Skinny G patterns have been the ticket over bait lately. Commercial prawning just finished up so it'll be a few months before this sustainable fishery recovers and we will be dropping the traps again. Commercial crabbing just started 8 days ago and they basically scooped up all the legal size crab in our target areas. Again, it'll be months before any of the prawn or crab traps see water.

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