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Vancouver - Howe Sound - Thrasher Rock fishing report

It's mid May and the fishing has really been good in all areas. The trick is to be there when the salmon are around. It may sound obvious but that's fishing. There has been some spectacular days in the Horseshoe Bay to Sunset Marina and over at Grace Islands in the lower portion of Howe Sound. There is lots of small anchovy in the waters and matching the bait has produced very well and oddly enough, spoons have worked equally as well. My go to teaser heads have been the Rhys Davis green glo and UV green with Gibbs Delta Guide Series flashers. I'm getting awesome reports on the south end of Bowen Island off Cowan Point and off Roger Curtis Point down 80' - 90' using anchovy, Irish Creme and Cop Car spoons. The QA has also been consistent on hootchies, bait and spoons. Over at Thrasher (way off shore in 500-1000') has produced on a consistent basis to epic fishing running hootchies, spoons and plugs. The only complaint is the huge algae bloom everywhere and some areas much worse than others. The algae sticks to your fishing line and your literally have to pick off the line to reel in. This is very challenging when you are playing a fish. It's quite nerve racking yet comical to see two people picking away at the algae while the third is hanging onto the rod. Let's Go Fishing!

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