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It's time to fish the "Hump"

Mother nature is right again as the Chinook salmon are arriving on schedule at the Hump. The Hump is approximately 3 miles south of mid Bowen Island where the ocean depth reaches down to 700 feet and then there is this underwater plateau that comes up to 480 feet. The plateau runs in a northwest/southeast direction. We had a 16 fish day of almost legal size salmon and 4 over 24.5 inches today on anchovy, Gibbs Delta Skinny G "Outfitter", and Green/White splatter back hootchies. Fish were caught at depths ranging from 58 feet down to 140 feet. This fishery usually lasts till mid to late May. Watch for weather conditions as southwest winds are the norm for this time of the year that can make fishing a bit uncomfortable in the swells. The prawning is outstanding as the dungeness crabs are filling quite nicely as well. LET'S GO FISHING!

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