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Taking charters again

We are taking charters again as BC's Covid 19 restrictions have been eased. In accordance with WorkSafeBC and Provincial Health Authority guidelines, Amazing Fishing Charters is adopting the following procedures to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission during charter operations. The safety of our guests and crew is our top priority and we are continually monitoring health authority updates to ensure any changes are reviewed and implemented as applicable.

For your safety and your guide, guests are requested to stay at home and not go on the charter if feeling ill.

Guests will be provided a pre-trip briefing of COVID-19 protocols including the available sanitizing equipment and the benefits of frequent hand washing and personal protective equipment. The boat is thoroughly washed down following each charter and all contact surfaces are. sanitized prior to guests boarding the vessel. Charter frequency will be limited to one charter per day per vessel to provide sufficient time for cleaning and sanitation between charters. Guests and crew are required to wear a personal protective barrier covering both their mouth and nose while on board to help reduce the likelihood of virus transmission. Guests are requested to bring their own protective face covering for charters. Each vessel has a designated hand cleaning station for use by guests and crew. Cleaning stations consist of sanitizing wipes, and/or hand sanitizer.

Now the fishing report: Yes there is still non-retention of all Chinook Salmon and wild Coho Salmon. There are plenty of opportunities for catch and release on each trip as we have found Chinook Salmon locally around Vancouver and over across towards the Gulf Islands. The water is pretty dirty due to the spring run off from the Fraser River so we have been using glow type flashers with a variety of glow spoons, hootchies and plugs. On some days, we have only used two rods as the action has been fast and furious. Recently there has been reports of retain-able hatchery coho showing up on the south side of Bowen Island. We were out yesterday and managed to find one in between numerous Chinooks. Coho can be found at all depths from 30 feet down to 120 feet on your riggers. Commercial prawning has started so we have shelved our traps for the time being. Crabbing remains strong but with the commercial crabbers starting, it will dry up pretty quick. It's time to go Fishing!

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