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Last Chance for Chinook Salmon

The Chinook Salmon non-retention is coming! Last year, Dept of Fisheries and Oceans mandated a non-retention of Chinook Salmon from April 18 - July 15 in almost every fishing management areas surrounding Vancouver Island and a further 16 days in Area 28 and 29 which is our local Vancouver fishing areas. This year, it will most likely begin April 1st when the new tidal water fishing licenses come into effect and hopefully open for retention August 1. I won't get into DFO's inability to justify the regulation as much has been studied, written and argued by scientists, working & lobby groups. Our winter fishery remains

strong for feeder Chinooks, spot prawns and dungeness crabs. Locating bait (with a good sounder) and getting deep is the secret to hooking up. Some days running anchovies work and other days spoons and hootchies work. Experiment and explore the usual haunts. The current limit for Chinook salmon is still 2/day minimum 62 cm, 200 spot prawns and 4 dungeness crabs per license. Call us for the winter special rate and "LET'S GO FISHING!"

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