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Happy New Year and Salmon are biting!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

As we turn our backs on 2020 and welcome 2021 with anticipation of being vaccinated, we can all look forward to a healthy and prosperous year for our families, friends, communities and our countries. During these past couple months as Covid cases have risen requiring new health orders, many of the local guides have been personally fishing within their local bubble or by themselves as there has been a downturn in our usual winter charters. Well one thing for sure is that the local feeders of

Chinook Salmon have not disappointed us. For those with a boat, this is the time to get out and put some Chinook catches on your licenses since we were closed from April 1 to August 31 for Chinook retention. The winter feeders are absolutely the best tasting Chinook. Typically the bait these Chinook are feeding on are small immature herring, anchovy, shiners (perch) or sticklebacks. Each time out we have been most successful by matching the bait by using small 3-3.5" spoons, squirt size hootchies or cut down herring when rolling cut plugs. The main thing is to get down deep on the downrigger. Lower to the bottom and then up a few feet. I run 18 lb balls and typically it takes about 20-30 feet more line of indicated depth on the rigger than the depth showing on the sounder. For those who don't like reeling a smaller salmon from these depths, try running a dummy flasher off the cannon ball then run a naked spoon, anchovy rig or cutplug. The prawning has been phenomenal and the crabbing is just to come on. Good luck and Lets Go Fishing!


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