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Fall fishing is done and now onto the winter feeder Chinooks

That was a fast and furious September and now the fishing is starting to slow into mid October. For the most part, the bulk of the returning Chinook and Coho salmon have gone up the river systems. That being said, there's always a chance for some late stragglers off the South Arm and the Capilano. Past years fishing logs reveal

that we have still caught some Chinook and Coho right to the end of October. If you want something for your smoker, head off South Arm and the chances for Chum is pretty decent this time of year into November. We went out in early October in search for the winter feeders and was successful with a pair of 11 lb bookends. That's really a good sign that these prime eating fish are showing up. Look for schools of bait on your sounder and set waypoints when you locate some and then stay on top of the bait for best opportunities of success. Be prepared to try everything from small to large spoons, small anchovy to large herring, small to medium size plugs and a variety of hootchies. It can be quite frustrating to mark lots and lots of bait and see salmon arches and not get a bite, but keep experimenting with your gear and depths. Certain areas, you need to be right off the bottom so make sure you have lots of downrigger line. During the winter months, the water is generally very clear so try different flashers as glow flashers are not as important when fishing the river mouths in the silt layered water. Crabbing and Prawning during the winter months is very good but remember it's the law now that you must release egg bearing female prawns. Good luck and "Let's Go Fishing!"


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